How to create custom fields in InLoox PM 7

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Custom fields allow you to expand the default data used in InLoox PM 7 to suit your projects' specific requirements. With InLoox PM 7, you can create new custom fields either for the entire project or for specific project areas like Mind Mapping, Project Planning, Time Tracking, Documents or Budgets. Field names are freely definable. InLoox PM 7 supports several data types for the custom fields. Please follow these steps to create a new custom field:

  1. Open the InLoox PM Options dialog box.

    For more information on how to open the option section in InLoox PM 7, please go to Open the InLoox PM options.

  2. Click on Custom fields. The Custom fields setting section will open to the right.   

  3. You can do all the following in the custom field setting section:
    • Create a new custom field.
      1. Click on New.
      2. In the New Custom Field dialog box, in the Name field, enter a name for the custom field that you are creating.
      3. Select the storage location from the Location drop-down list.
      4. Select a Type from the list. Possible types are:
        • Text: free text value/string.
        • Integer: integer value without decimal point.
        • Decimal number: decimal number with decimal point.
        • Checkbox: yes/no value.
        • Date: date value without time.
        • List: set of free text values / strings.
        • Currency: decimal number with decimal point and currency symbol.
      5. Optionally, you can define a default value by selecting Edit default... from the drop-down list.
        1. In the Edit Text dialog box type a default value.
        2. The field type List also allows you to:
          • Change the order of the list items.
          • Specify, whether users may enter own values (Allow add new items).
          • Specify, whether empty selections are valid (Allow empty selection).
      6. Select OK.
    • Edit an existing custom field. 
      1. Select Edit 
      2. Adjust the custom field settings. Please note that you can only modify the default values.
    • Remove an existing custom field.
      1. Select the custom field you want to delete from the list.
      2. Click on Delete
  4. Select OK or Apply to save the changes.

When a custom field is deleted, all contents of it in all projects are permanently removed from InLoox PM 7.

Each custom field you create will have its own box on the selected project site. Once created, you can enter a value for the custom field in the project area where you placed the field.