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Project management with InLoox: integrated in Outlook

InLoox ist the project platform directly integrated in Microsoft Outlook. Easy, intuitive and reliable, InLoox offers you every project management functionality you need from project planning to project controlling. 

It is our mission, to offer you the most flexible, comfortable and high-quality project management software there is. Out Outlook-integrated solution is designed to simplify and accelerate your project work. InLoox is a software that makes project management more productive and efficient by combining task and project management with document-, resource-, and budget-management functionalities. In short, InLoox enables you to successfully manage your daily workload and your project work all in one.

Software project management: professional and integrated

InLoox - professional software for Outlook-integrated project management

Microsoft Outlook is the hub for our software. By integrating InLoox in Outlook, your project work is integrated into your day-to-day business dealings. InLoox uses the information from Outlook emails, calender dates and tasks and connects it with your project plan, time tracking and project controlling.

Outlook-integrated project software for everyone 

The project life cycle comprises of many phases:

  • Project definition
  • Project proposal
  • Project approval
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Update meetings

If this makes you think of Microsoft Outlook — So do we! Which is exactly why we believe that the integration of our project management software in Outlook is the smartest way to make your work life easier. You can reduce redundancies and ensure smooth project communication because with InLoox you an your team work together on one platform. No more isolated applications that do not facilitate communication between different teams and departments: InLoox will be used by everyone in your enterprise, because it has features for all of your colleagues and managers. The familiar Microsoft Outlook environment makes sure that InLoox can be used immediately without having to laboriously learn the handling of the software. We have made sure that InLoox can be navigated the same way you navigate Outlook. This means that InLoox is very intuitive and new users can start with minimal training. 

Teamwork is productive and effortless with InLoox. As your central work platform, everyone using InLoox has access to the same data base. This ensures, that any information is always up to date and accessible for everyone anytime and anywhere. You can create tasks on the go on your smartphone, upload important project documents on your tablet, make time tracking entries on your laptop from home and plan complex projects at work on your desktop. With InLoox, you are super flexible while working with one of the most reliable project software out there.

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