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Advantages for managers

Managers can increase the transparancy in their project environment with InLoox PM.

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InLoox PM + Outlook = professional project management

InLoox PM extends Microsoft Outlook® to a fully-fledged project platform. Relevant information is available at any time. Expressive reports provide the necessary clarity even in complex project environments. With InLoox PM, you can increase the return on your projects and you can raise the transparency and productivity of individual departments and organizations as a whole.

Efficient workflow

InLoox PM facilitates the combined management of projects, documents, resources, mind maps and budgets. The result is a seamless and comprehensible process from brainstorming, budget and time planning to implementation and follow-up processes. With InLoox PM, you stay informed, whether in the office or on the move with InLoox PM Web App.

Clearly defined responsibilities

Project manpower is often composed of varied groups of persons. Specialist departments, management, IT and many other groups concerned provide trans-sectoral resources. However, project structures follow grown hierarchies, expertises, release processes and quality management and security standards in companies. InLoox PM bases its response to this situation on a combination of user roles and user accounts. With minimum administrative effort, a lean project organization with nevertheless clearly defined authorities and permissions can be depicted.

High user acceptance

Instead of an additional stand-alone project management software, the features of InLoox PM are available in the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook®. Thus, InLoox PM is easy to understand and highly accepted by its end-users. This reduces the costs of knowledge building and adminstration.

Future-proof technology

InLoox currently has over 2,500 customers and 35,000 users on five continents and in over 40 countries worldwide. One out of five DAX companies in Germany are already using InLoox PM as standard software. More and more mid-size companies of all scopes and from all sectors of business find InLoox to be an efficient solution to their project management which is constantly adapted to the challenges of modern project management.