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Claim management

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The claim management is a tool for the customer as well as for the contractor in the project business. It represents the sum of all measures to accomplish justified claims and to ward unjustified third-party one. Thereby deviations or changes that occur after the contract conclusion during the project will be clarified in the economic consequences. These changes can also have negative effects such as e.g time delays, higher costs or original service changes, e.g. in the technical area. The claim management will be used to define who should bear these effects and how to solve them.

The claim management contains the processes and rules for the collection, saving and performance of the claims that are caused from the contract deviations or changes. It is therefore very important for the commercial success of the project. There are two types of claims in the claim management:

  • Own claims – the implementation of the own claims towards third parties;
  • Third party claims – the prevention of the third party claims towards own company.

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